Café Al Noor: Tel Aviv welcomes authentic Oriental food and mood

Café Al Noor: Tel Aviv welcomes authentic Oriental food and mood

Posted on Mar. 02, 2017, at 05:28 am

That’s it! Enough of Mexican Sushi and other kind of hipster concepts that are popping around the Tel Aviv foodie scene. We want something authentic, where fresh ingredients mix with spices to create some Eastern magic! Lucky us, Café Al Noor just opened with a concept that is all set: real Mediterranean food and mood.

Stepping in this fortress of taste is like taking a one-way ticket to the Orient to discover its secrets. The Israeli Chef, Roi Etrebi, is whispering all of his spicy stories through his lively cooking- Moroccan fish soup, new-style Tunisian sandwiches, or even Lebanese stuffed veggies.


Traditional dishes from all around the Mediterranean sea dance along the bar while home-made alcohol warm up the evening. Cherry on the cake, traditional music is bringing an even more realistic touch to this new foodie crush.


Before leaving make sure you drop by the deli corner where all of these delicacies and local dishes are ready to go; the best way to keep on the show.

Now, it’s time for you to play the Aladin and Jasmin with this dinner for 2  we booked just for you at Cafe Al Noor.


Congrats to Nathalie Sellem who won a dinner for 2 at Al Noor!

Cafe Al Noor, located at 88 King Georges St., is open every day from 12PM to 11PM. The deli, located at the entrance of the restaurant is open Sunday to Thursday from 8AM to 6PM.

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