Which beach in Tel Aviv received the blue flag this year?

Which beach in Tel Aviv received the blue flag this year?

Posted on Jun. 21, 2016, at 09:18 am

The Blue flag waves high on three famous beaches in Tel Aviv…but what’s the difference? There’s actually a big difference: cleanliness, security and environmental conservation are all qualities that are to be maintained this year again on our favorite beaches in the city.

This year, in order to spend your day in an ecological way while keeping high standards, you can hang out on the three beaches you already love: Jerusalem Beach, Metzizim and Frishman Beach!


The blue flag is a symbol of exemplary environmental conservation. Its symbol carries a very important meaning for beach communities that emphasize conservation of their sandy, seaside boardwalks. 

Founded in 1985 in France, this ultimate appellation is distributed according to strict criteria regarding water cleanliness, wastes management and accessibility.

Tests are conducted twice a month on beaches that have been given the flag post. In Israel, 21 beaches and two marinas have received this honorable mention.

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The Blue flag flutters proudly on the beach