5 cool coffee shops to work with a laptop

5 cool coffee shops to work with a laptop

Posted on Sep. 01, 2016, at 09:33 am

During the day, you’ll see a large scope of the population: the freelancer with a craving for caffeinated pleasure, the author writing his first best seller, or even the startup creator trying to change the world with his computer. Going to a coffee Shop in Tel Aviv is not just about java drinking; it’s a way of living. These places are definitely the center of Tel Aviv’s energy: half way between the simple authenticity and the trendy hipster vibe! Actually, it was in these cafes that Happy in Tel Aviv was created, so we worked on the subject a bunch! In this article we are unveiling to you our favorite cafes – from the trendy terrace to the connected library!


In Tel Aviv going to a coffee shop is not just a quick stop in your day; it’s an event to be savored. If you want to experience the real sensation, go to Dizengoff square and you’ll find something rare. Nahat is more than a cafe; it’s an actual love story. The one between our favorite drink and the Non Stop City. Everything is made in Israel in this coffee citadel; from the coffee machine to the Bauhaus outdoor scene. Their specialty is the Afoukh: they know how to mix the darkness and the white mousse to make it the perfect coffee/milky juice.

Take advantage of the view, and the wifi too. It’s the best moment to take a picture of your coffee with Yaakov Agam’s fountain in the background; on Instagram it even works better that it sounds!

Café Nahat 1 Reines st., open from Sunday to Thursday from 8AM to 10PM, on Fridays from 8AM to 6PM and on Saturdays from 9AM to 5PM. 

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