5 rooftops to spend your summer in the sky!

5 rooftops to spend your summer in the sky!

Posted on Aug. 10, 2017, at 08:59 am

Looking for the rooftop with the prettiest view of Tel Aviv? we found it! One with a swimming pool? Found that too! The one with the most New York style? We found that also! To make it nice and easy for you, we scouted the 5 rooftops with the coolest vibes to spend a summer night.


At the Prince, you’ll sit at a terrace overlooking the famous Nahalat Binyamin St. Enjoy a drink or a bite in the middle of hundreds of tinsels and lanterns hanging from the ceiling mixing with the greenery all over the place.

The Prince, located at Nahalat Binyamin st. 18 is open Sunday to Thursday from 5PM to 1AM, on Fridays from 12PM to 7PM and on Saturdays from 6PM to 1AM. Happy hour from 5PM to 8PM Sunday to Thursday: beer + dish 45₪ or cocktail + dish 55₪.

Poli House

A brand new boutique hotel, a swimming pool to cool down in and a rooftop with a view of the city… what else could you want? So fancy that we are this close to sneaking into a room to spend the night!

The Poli House, located at Nahalat Binyamin st. 1 is accessible upon booking only: bar@polihouse.com.

Sura Mare

It all starts in a sketchy parking garage turned modern art museum. Then it’s followed by an awkward elevator moment where people wonder what they are doing here and it ends with a delicious cocktail on a huge terrace overlooking Tel Aviv’s skyline. Guaranteed to make you feel like you’re in New York!

Sura Mare, located at Saadia Gaon st. 24, is open every day starting at 8.30PM. Booking is mandatory on their Facebook page

Blue Sky

Dinner with a panoramic view, whether you’re on the terrace or hanging out in the Mazgan. On your left, the Mediterranean Sea, on your right, the skyline of the city. The view is chic and the food is gastronomic!

The Blue Sky, located at Eleazar Peri 10 is open Sunday to Thursday from 6PM to 11PM and Fridays from 10AM to 1PM. Booking 03 520 1830.


This one is hiding behind the Municipality, under a dome of climbing plants and glowing lights. We didn’t even mention the delicious pizzas and the vegan focaccias. Just go and taste it for yourself!

The Kanta, located on Ibn Gvirol st. 71, is open every day from 8PM to 3AM. Booking via inbox on their Facebook Page.

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