A kosher Japanese place that will satisfy everyone!

A kosher Japanese place that will satisfy everyone!

Posted on Jun. 01, 2015, at 06:40 pm

We’ve found the best sushi in Tel Aviv. Its name – Nini Hachi. From outside nothing suggests amazing, but inside this restaurant, you’ll find a perfect combination of refined sushi and some other asian delicacies. You think this it, that our perfect gem, is just about amazing Japanese dishes, well the cherry on the top of the Nigiri: it’s a Kosher eatery. 

With its Spartan and modern design, Nini Hachi is already the place for Japanese visitors to Tel Aviv, a sign of the restaurant’s quality. After a year or so, the place doesn’t show any downs and the crowd speaks for itself.

The “Bamba Rolls” are the clear stars of the menu. The heated peanut butter mixes perfectly with the salmon and avocado of this fried roll bursting with flavors. A great warming for your taste buds.

To make your journey perfect and feel the Japanase climate, the kitchen is equipped with glass walls overlooking the restaurant. Nini Hachi plays on the transparency of its preparation of your sushi, and gives you chance to speak with the Japanese cooks, who create these gems in front of your eyes.

GalB_20150419_103353400_29 The restaurant also offers special menus for pregnant women or vegans because should ever miss such a good meal. Don’t forget to ask you waiter!


Nini Hachi Restaurant (Kosher), is located on Ben Yehuda st. 228 and is open from Sunday to Thursday from 12PM and on Fridays from 12PM to 3PM. You can book a table or call for deliveries here 03-624-9228.


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