Bellboy | The off-the-wall cocktail bar

Bellboy | The off-the-wall cocktail bar

Posted on May. 02, 2015, at 04:44 pm

Wouldn’t you like to start your night in the craziest cocktail bar in Tel Aviv?

Come into the “outtasight” world of Bellboy Bar, located in a hotel right off Rothschild Boulevard, where the Gatsbyian universe of the 1920s meshes perfectly with bellhops straight out of the historic mansions of Fitzgerald’s fictional world of prosperity.

A seashell and a bathtub are some of the random seating arrangements that the Bellboy has in store. Your cocktails are also prepared by virtuosos of the mixology arts.

Additionally, in the evening, a baby stroller passes among the clientele to offer shots and ensures that they are enjoying the atmosphere of the bar.

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