Tel Aviv is about to get her own Empire State Building

Tel Aviv is about to get her own Empire State Building

Posted on May. 03, 2017, at 09:03 am

The Non Stop City keeps on getting taller all the time! The company to construct the tower, “Bein Arim”, just got permission to build. It will be located between Tel Aviv and its very close suburb, Ramat Gan. It is expected to be the tallest building in Israel, standing at 400 meters. Can you believe it?

At the beginning, it was supposed to be only 75 stories tall, but after some changes, it will stand 100 floors of offices tall, featuring hotels and malls inside the giant. The municipality accepted the project to build the tallest tower of Israel, taller than the Empire State building (without the antenna!)


“This Tower can’t be a simple building” these are the words of Amnon Schwartz, the architect. “We are planning on  a unique triangle shape which each side will face one of the cities taking part in the project: Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and Givatayim”


This project is part of a full transformation of the entrance of Tel Aviv. Today, it’s mostly dominated by the three Azrieli Towers, in the future, it will be set with buildings and gardens covering the current ring road.

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