Azrieli Towers by the numbers

Azrieli Towers by the numbers

Posted on Aug. 26, 2015, at 04:00 pm

You think you know everything about Azrieli Towers? We’d be highly surprised if you knew these little (and big!) secrets. 

40,000 : The number of visitors every day

100 million : The average number of shekels in monthly business

64 : The number of elevators

300 : The number of security cameras

1 : Heliport

7,500 : The number of parking tickets sold daily

2,000 : The number of employees working in the centers 185 stores

200,000 m2 : Its inside floor area which takes 10,000 hours a month to clean

These pharaonic numbers will only grow as the fairly ambitious project continues to expand in the future, following a fourth round of construction set to go underway.

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