America Restaurant: your home away from home!

America Restaurant: your home away from home!

Posted on Jan. 19, 2017, at 08:22 am

On Inauguration day, we want to sing the American anthem, to raise the American flag and to enjoy a delicious barbecue with friends in order to celebrate the new President. Luckily, a new spot inspired by the country and its culture has just landed in the heart of Tel Aviv, and it is called America. The name perfectly fits the décor, follow our steps for a full trip: time to eat and sip!

Entering this place is like wandering around Brooklyn: a culture mix, an eclectic style, filled with surprises for your senses. On one foodie side you start your trip in California with Gringos Tacos, a spot made for every Mexican street food aficionados. Their secret for tasty guacamole? A Mexican chef (an immigrant one, don’t tell Trump about it). Grab your sombrero, and taste some home made tacos and tostadas; are you happy? De nada chicas, we are only starting the journey!


On the other side of the cuisine, Merica is appearing with a 100% soul food Menu; welcome to the Southern part of the US. This African-American cooking style is more than a simple foodie delicacy, it is all of the south spirit that you eat. Every bite tells you a story, a mix between the American classics and the African spices that all started in the 60s.

mericaWhile you are eating some crispy chicken wings, don’t forget to fill up your soul with some cocktail fuel, the Full Shaker menu is waiting for you. You think the trip is already over? Let’s have a last stop in New Orleans with this very Groovy live band that will carry you away, from 9PM until the end of your stay!

Sure you want to fly home for the evening, but if you want to secure a seat, you will need to think of booking!

America, located on Ibn Gvirol Street 26, is open everyday from 6PM to 12PM. Call 03 688 4884 for booking. A coffee bar, the America Coffee, is also open outside from 6AM to 6PM and a Cocktail Bar will open in a couple weeks in the garden. 

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