4 amazing yet disturbing buildings in Tel Aviv

4 amazing yet disturbing buildings in Tel Aviv

Posted on Nov. 08, 2016, at 08:45 am


Photo : Avishai Teicher

Don’t worry, we didn’t get it wrong; it really is in Tel Aviv and not in Japan. This huge pagoda does not fit in the skyline of Tel Aviv at all, and is a little disturbing to the Bauhaus / European style of the city—but it does exist! Back in 1924 a rich American Jew commissioned the architect Alexander Levy to design a whole building and the only thing he requested: that it represent the link between the Eastern and the Western World. That’s how a Tel Avivi building came to be made of 21 Islamic arches and some Greek columns. Congrats to Alexander Levy who respected the wishes of his client and offered this beautiful building to the city.

Notable: the first private elevator of Tel Aviv was built here.

Address: 43 Montefiore St.

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