4 amazing yet disturbing buildings in Tel Aviv

4 amazing yet disturbing buildings in Tel Aviv

Posted on Nov. 08, 2016, at 08:45 am

Tel Aviv…its whiteness, its Bauhaus roundness… and its crazy, kind of zany buildings. Even though the UNESCO keeps a watchful eye on the city’s architecture to maintain its consistency, a few bold architects have decided that no rules should apply! Have a look at these quirky hidden treasures of the White City.



Photos : Kaskaphoto

“It was designed by Gaudi – No, it wasn’t – Yes, it was…” The debate may go on for a while… Did the great Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi come all the way from Catalonia to create his own building in Tel Aviv? He did not! And don’t ever say that to the actual architect who designed and built the Crazy House! For Leon Gaignebet, a french architect born in Syria, there is no connection with any of the buildings found in Barcelona. In 1985 his vision was to create a building that brought together the sea and the desert. The sea is represented on the white side by the balconies that resemble waves and the desert on the beige side full of plants and sand sculptures. This building might be quite surprising but at least it is something you won’t forget!

Address: 181 Hayarkon street

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