So a Mexican and a Korean walk into a bar...

So a Mexican and a Korean walk into a bar...

Posted on Sep. 24, 2015, at 12:47 pm

This is a bar for the indecisive, the eccentric and the thrill seekers — and the groups of friends that have one of each. Diego San is an ode to the best from east to west: its a fusion of Mexican and Korean cuisines. The concept is as original as it sounds; the music, flavors and their presentation are all top notch! Read on for our recommendations.

Let’s start with a must – Pad Thai Popcorn. It’s not a dessert, it’s an entree! The taste is savory, its seasoned with a salty and tart sauce that renders the dish a perfect pairing with the bitterness in beer.

The main courses are an assortment of Mexican and Korean tapas style (we say main courses because they’re larger in portion). We especially recommend the Korean bibimbap, the crunchy rice at the bottom of the pan was mouth watering.

Top the dinner with a Margarita and some Tequila shots, and a great night will ensue. Whether you break the seal or not, make sure to check out the bathrooms, you’ll see why!

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