A French coffee place just like in Paris

A French coffee place just like in Paris

Posted on Sep. 19, 2017, at 08:48 am

In the Toto family, we already knew the big brother, a high-level gourmet restaurant, but today we’re introducing you to the little one, a new chic Parisian cafe.

Step into this place and it will seem like you’ve got a one way ticket to St Germain des Prés. The French decor will make you feel like you have gone on a real journey. Even the coffee roasting machine seems like it was taken straight out of Paris. Not to forget about the pastries which are full of butter and just out of the oven lined up next to an assortment of pistachio and raspberry filled treats. We don’t even need to mention the delicious lunch specials since they’re always changing with the chef’s mood, but we can recommend something to you: go ahead for a yummy excursion.

Café Toto, located at 4 Berkovitch st., is open Sunday to Thursday from 8AM to 7PM. Lunch deals are available. 

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