8 days to discover the magic of Hanukkah in Tel Aviv

8 days to discover the magic of Hanukkah in Tel Aviv

Posted on Dec. 06, 2015, at 03:05 pm

The time is coming when we start to be a little depressed. You know, when we realize that we are Israelis and we wont get a proper christmas tree! Here the magic of christmas is not very accurate, no crazy lights all over the houses, and the only chorals you get are the ones in the TV shows… but no worries, we decided to make you feel better and show you that actually Hanukkah is the first holidays with amazing lightnings. Get ready, we have 8 days to show you that Tel Aviv knows how to light up.



In New York they have the most famous Christmas Tree (it even has a special TV show and a Wikipedia page!), well in Tel Aviv we’ll be lightning tonight the biggest Hanukkiah in the world. It will be lighted up everyday in the Namal of Tel Aviv during the 8 days of Hanukkah.

Every evening starting at 5.30PM next to the wooden deck in the Port of Tel Aviv



This is the official lightning of the city. Celebs and politics will go up the automatic elevator system to reach out the 8 candles of this giant Hanukkiah. There will be music and dancing to make sure you stay warm during this time.

Lightning of the Hanukkiah on Rabin Square every evening at 5PM.


For The first time in Tel Aviv, the 3rd lightning of Hanukkah (the 4th and the 5th as well) will be very special. Tel Aviv will light up the historical buildings of Bialik Square thanks to a new technology that was never used before. A sound and light show will be projected on the walls of the old municipality.

Sound and light show on December 8th, 9th and 10th at Bialik Square from 6.30PM to 10.30PM



For the 4th candle of Hanukkah let’s meet in a theatrical set up: garden full of flowers and amazing buildings. You’ve probably guessed it, we are talking about Habima Square, the one that shelters the National Theatre and the Philharmonic of Tel Aviv, the one and only place where culture is a holy art.

Public lightning on Habima Square every evening at 5PM



For the 5th day we suggest you come to Dizengoff Square. Not only you’ll find a Hanukkiah lightning (so mainstream!) but also the famous fountain of Yaakov Agam will light up your evening with a water and light show.

Public lightning on Dizengoff Square every evening at 5PM

Credit : TLVSpot.com


If we say Friday evening we think Shabbat and a family gathering. Light up the candles with your loved ones and make sure to show it in front of the window, just like the tradition says.



Starting on the 6th day of Hanukkah and until the end, free shows will be offered for kids in the historical district of Sarona. Music, dancing and lightning will give their tempo to the 3 last days of the holidays.

Public lightning every evening in Sarona at 5PM.



The Neve Tzedek community center invites you to a free party on the last night of the holidays of lights. Candles lightning, wine tasting and live music will be meeting in the heart of the historical district of Tel Aviv.

Evening in the Neve Tzedek community center, Sunday December 13th at 7PM.

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