5 Purim parties you would have never thought of

5 Purim parties you would have never thought of

Posted on Mar. 13, 2016, at 07:35 am

Coming up next, the story of how the queen Esther and her uncle Morderkhai faced the King Ahachveroch and his advisor Aman in order to save her people from death. This kind of story looks like the teaser of the new Game of Thrones season, but it’s actually a 28 words sum up of Purim! And you know how it is, being saved from death always makes you happy, thirsty and willing to celebrate life, so here is a selection of the 5th best Purim Parties in the White City. 



If we say ‘Do you really wanna zig a zig ah’ you automatically say Spice Girls? So you are part of the nineties generation, and you probably still secretly love the whole boys bands period of your life. If you recognize yourself in this description this party is made for you!

Around the 90’s Purim Edition | Friday 25.03.2016 starting at 10PM – More info 



There is one thing that everybody knows in Tel Aviv: how famous are the rooftop parties in the City. We selected a private one to make sure you understand how does a real Tel Avivi party rock. Make sure to pass by Rothschild 26 to enjoy this private stylish and very newyorkish event.

Rooftop Party | Thursday 24.03.2016 starting at 9PM – More info 


Zombiewalk 2012 -- all Rights belong to: www.rainerkeuenhof.de

This one is not even a party, it’s a tradition. On your way to the Annual Purim Street Party of the city, make sure to stop a couple minutes on Rothschild Boulevard to join the Zombies Walk. This year it will take place on Friday morning and once again you’ll be able to admire the most terrifying and the bloodier costumes!

Zombie Walk | Friday 25.03.2016 starting at 11PM  – More info



Don’t bother asking why, but this party was put together by a teddy bear named Shoobi Doobi. Let’s say he’s our local Ted, always looking for the best parties and the biggest amount of alcohol. This year, he decided to make the party longer, and found a secret place we still don’t know about. One thing you should keep in mind: if your bring an old teddy bear, you’ll get a free shot.

Shoobi Doobi | Saturday 26.03.2016 starting at 2PM – More info 



Meet Timmy, Maya and Niro. They are inviting you to their place to mix in a perfect way party, secret and solidarity. Let us explain how it rules: the entrance fee will give you access to the open bar, but it will also be used as a donation to the charity of your choice. Alcohol and good deed in a same night, what else?

Secret Party | Wednesday 23.03.2016 starting at 9PM – More info

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