5 one-of-a-kind exhibits in Tel Aviv this summer

5 one-of-a-kind exhibits in Tel Aviv this summer

Posted on Aug. 02, 2016, at 09:05 am

Tel Aviv isn’t all beautiful beaches, funky fashion, crazy clubs and scrumptious shawarma. And while spending all day baking in the sun or drowning your body in cocktails (then chasers, then shots) sounds ideal, your body will not thank you later. Instead, escape the heat and hangover for some AC and adventure. Yes, we understand it’s summer vacation and learning anything other than where the best happy hour deals are was not in your plan but we strongly suggest you visit these 5 exceptional exhibits, even if it’s just for some free air conditioning!


Man’s heaven on Earth; this exhibit focuses on all-things-ass. So if you’d like an excuse to stare at bums all day, ranging from art inspired by the renowned posterior of “Hottentot Venus” to the famous Kim Kardashian behind, skip a day at the beach and come enjoy, judgment free.


Go feast your eyes on this ass-extravaganza at the Pass Port Gallery from now until August 31st. More info here

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