26 reasons you should never visit Jerusalem

26 reasons you should never visit Jerusalem

Posted on Jun. 05, 2016, at 05:36 pm

1. Some say Jerusalem is magical… 


2. But do they know what they are talking about?

Tower of David in Jerusalem, Israel

3. This city has nothing to offer

Balcony GardenWLptw2011

4. It’s probably the ugliest city of the country


5. The streets don’t have any charm

epa04825203 Colorful umbrellas are suspended over a central street in downtown Jerusalem, Israel, 30 June 2015. Around 1,000 umbrellas were placed by the Jerusalem municipality in order to decorate the street ahead of summer events. EPA/ABIR SULTAN

6. With not even a living soul around

Jerusalem Old City Market22

7. Don’t even think about architecture


8. Or intersting culture


9. We assure you, there is something wrong about this city


10. And at night it’s even worse!


11. Everything is so dark…


12. And sad!


13. Above all there is nothing to do… 


14. No international events…


15. Not even a formula 1 race car around the old city!

Formula One Scuderia Ferrari team driver Giancarlo Fisichella drives a Ferrari F60 past The Tower of David and the ancient walls of Jerusalem's Old City, during the second day of the Jerusalem Formula Peace Road Show, on June 14, 2013. The first-ever two-day Jerusalem Formula Peace Road Show includes Formula One racing teams, Scuderia Ferrari and Marussia, Ferrari Challenge cars, drifting cars and Grand Prix motorcycles all participating in the show, whose circuit passes landmarks such as Jerusalem's Old City walls.

16. If only it had a special History

Jeru 1870

17. But the buildings don’t have anything to say


18. Just a stack of rocks

Ancient wall in old city Jerusalem

19. This is the only thing you’ll find over there 


20. And don’t ask us about public transportations, there are from another century


21. Or about the food scene, cause there is nothing interesting 

22. People don’t live their lives, they put up with it, every day…

luxury-hotels-israel-jersualem-mamilla-hotel-banner (1)

23. And night!


24. No creativityDynamic-Street-Installation-in-Vallero-Square-in-Jerusalem-Giant-Urban-Flowers-12

25. You’ll be bored like crazy!3403-king-david-hotel-steeped-in-history-loyal-to-luxury

26. Don’t ever visit, trust us on this! 

View sunset jeru

 “If I forget you, Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its skill” PSALMS 137:5

Yom Yeroushalayim 5776

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