19 commandments you should respect if you live in Tel Aviv

19 commandments you should respect if you live in Tel Aviv

Posted on Apr. 19, 2017, at 11:01 am

Each city in the world is unique, with a unique architecture, a unique landscape… AND some commandments to respect. Tel Aviv follows the same rule and here are the do’s and don’ts of the White City.

1. Thou shalt not visit the Hacarmel Market on a Friday



2. Thou shalt take the front seat when riding a cab


3. Thou shalt not say you eat meat (vegan city)



4.Thou shalt brunch at Delicatessen on Fridays


5.Thou shalt help tourists and new immigrants


6.Thou shalt never set up a meeting with someone at the Dizengoff Center


7. Unless it’s your number one enemy



8.Thou shalt ride an electric bike


9.Thou shalt speak with every anonymous in the bus



10.Thou shalt run bare-chested on the Tayelet


11.Thou shalt have a dog (or a cat)



12.Thou shalt work in a start up 


13.Thou shalt wear rain boots whenever you see a water drip


14.Thou shalt live with a roommate (or 2)



15.Thou shalt see 40 cats a day on your way


16.Thou shalt spend your week ends at the beach (especially if you are from France)


17.Thou shalt learn the real meaning of patience when going to the post office



18.Thou shalt honor this last commandment


19.Thou shalt never, ever leave Tel Aviv.

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