11 things every Tel Avivi needs to do this year

11 things every Tel Avivi needs to do this year

Posted on Jan. 05, 2016, at 10:40 am

Did you like Tel Aviv in 2015? The city surprised you, charmed you? Well this is just a small hint, cause 2016 has even more to offer! Gastronomy, architecture or even sport and culture, the Non Stop City won’t tell lies about her name. Since we know that you don’t want to miss any of the fun that takes place in the White City, we already selected the 10 best moment you should experience in 2016.

MARATHON SAMSUNG TEL AVIV | February 26th 2016


On February 26th 2016, the sun will rise at 7.39 AM and more than 40 000 runners will come along from all over the world to cross the white city. The fresh air of the end of the winter will caress your skin while you will run between the Bauhaus buildings, listed historical monuments by the UNESCO.



The king is finally back to Israel. The famous Whooper and onions rings are back on track with the first new generation of Burger King in Tel Aviv, that will open on Kikar Rabin. For the ones that are raring for it we suggest you log on the dedicated article on a regular basis, after all we where the first to tell you about it, we’ll be the first to update it. We let you know asap any details that we’ll have.

SO FRENCH SO FOOD 2016 | February 7th to 12th 2016


Some french chefs and even Michelin starred ones are coming all the way to cook in the most famous restaurants of Tel Aviv. A whole week, a tasty one of course it can only be So French, So Food. Like every year, the Embassy of France in Israel will offer us a special culinary experiment.

PURIM STREET PARTY | Week of March 20th 2016


When you find yourself in front of  more than 20 000 people dressed up as characters dancing crazy in the middle of the city, don’t ask no more, you can only be at Purim Street Party of Tel Aviv. This is the highest creativity moment of the year mixed to a tradition that keeps on since the city’s first days.


This is the gourmet launch of the year. The classical, gourmet, amazing, dashing … Ladurée is opening in Tel Aviv, and people are already talking about it (we were the first one to tell you about it here). This opening will take place in the new prestigious Gindi Fashion Mall that will be launched in spring 2016. The Macaron artist will welcome you in one of its typical store featuring a terrace overlooking aHashmonaim Street.

YOM HAATSMAOUT | May 11th & 12th 2016


When  a whole country gathers to celebrate the birth of a eagerly awaited State, it can only be Yom Hatzmaout and its streets craziness. On May 11th during the evening, go around the city and you’ll be amazed by the people dancing, singing all along and all around for Israel. On May 12th in the morning, come and join on the Tayelet to observe the sky and the show given by Tsahal Air Force.



It is one of the most famous French singers in Israel, and he’s finally coming back for a new show in town. This singer native of Algiers, will perform with all his well-known songs full of love and passion. If you want to book tickets for this event taking place at the prestigious Eichal Hatarbout of tel Aviv, click here.

ELTON JOHN’S CONCERT | May 26th 2016


He’s a worldwide super star that comes back for the 4th time in Israel to give an amazing show. We told you about it a couple weeks ago, Elton John will be in Tel Aviv on May 26th for one of a heck performance that Israelis are already booking. If you want to make sure to have you ticket to see the king of English pop music, click here to book it.

OPEN HOUSE | MAY 26th to 28th 2016


This is quite a surprising event in town. During 3 days, hundreds of private apartments and public buildings will open their doors to anyone willing to visit. The best time for you to discover the inside of an architect’s house or the secrets of a Bauhaus building.

GAY PRIDE | June 3rd 2016


Tel Aviv is supposed to be the world head city for Gay culture, we suggest you come during Gay Pride along the 200 000 people visiting from all over the world to check by yourself. A full week of parties with world famous DJs, the LGBT film Festival and the famous multi-colored parade along the sea side.

SARTUPS FESTIVAL DLD |  September 20th to 25th 2016


If you want to discover the Startup City, this is the one even you shouldn’t miss. Entrepreneurs, engineers and politics from all over the world will come to the Old Tahana to observe how, once again, Tel Aviv shows that she has her spot to be among the best startup ecosystems in the world.

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